AcidsOT Tutorial Guide

Zion's Bazaar (Temple)

Image of Zion's Bazaar

Here is where you spawn in Zion, the main city of Acids OT. In this area there are some shortcuts to hunting spawns around the town. It is very recommended to explore town a bit to get to know it before heading out to adventures. AcidsOT is very punishing and you can die very fast if you are not careful in the beginning.

Important facts to know before you start your first character is that you get free blessings for the first 24 hours. Blessings protects equipment loss and reduces experience and skills penalty. (Works like in real tibia and cost scales with leveling up).

  • Troll portal send you to the west side of Zion.
  • Orc portal send you to the east side of Zion.
  • Ghoul portal send you to the south side of Zion.
  • Cyclops portal sends you very far east of Zion with a portal back to town and another portal into a medium level dungeon.
Image of NPC: Dufi

Dufi is the first NPC you meet and sells amulet of loss and blessings.

Image of NPC: Serine

Serine to the left of Dufi has the magic shop.

Image of task NPC: Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is east in Zion, he is the task NPC. Tasks are always active from the moment you log in so you only have to go deliver tasks to Bear Grylls. Under his store is the task rewards room.

Training room location

Training room is inside this portal very close to the magic shop. It is free for the first 24 hours you log in and afterwards it costs 300gp/15 minutes.

Free training roof

South of Zion temple is the Trade Towers where you can purchase your first house and if you are short on cash on top of the roof are free trainers you can use.

West gate hydras

You die very easy in every part of AcidsOT. Just west of town you can find your first death very easily.

Spells talkaction

You have every spell in AcidsOT from the beginning except from certain promotion and custom spells. To find your spells use the command: !spells

Promotion NPC

Promotion NPC is located east of Zion, follow the signs and beware of Giant Spiders.
In order to get promoted you have to find Orlan a quest item.
Remember to use the !spells command after you get promoted, the spell list will be updated then.

Crown armor quest

Every quest you do in AcidsOT you have a chance to roll items from rare to epic. Some items only have one attribute like Zaoan shoes, but other items like Crown Armor can roll two attributes. (It is also random if you only get one or two of the attributes)
You can use the command ingame to check what an item can roll: /attributes crown armor, rare

If you want to see what the item can roll as epic or legendary you can replace 'rare' in the command with epic or legendary.

Crown armor attributes

Exploring around the worldmap and in deep caves you can find what we call outfit statues. Do not ignore the outfit statues and rather click on it to find yourself a cosy new outfit.

Outfit statues

You only get the base outfit and west of Zion you can find Sile which asks you for various items in exchange for the addons.

Outfit addons NPC

Some addons require items from A Sweaty Cyclops and he has a quest you have to do in order to get to trade with him.

Sweaty cyclops NPC

The Sweaty Cyclops is located next to Sile.

100 task point quest room

In AcidsOT there are places where you can do 'access quests' so you can use these portals to high level bosses and hunting grounds. One of the access quests is located in the town of Cyclonia on the Town teleport island.
You need 100 task points to enter this door, which is located under the task NPC Bear Grylls.

Ferumbras spawn secret

Here are some hints of things you can find around in AcidsOT
Everyday at 18:00 CET Ferumbras spawns in this room, if you can find out where it is.

Epic upgrade station secret

Epic upgrade station somewhere on the map.

Minotaur boss location

Bosses can spawn around on the map and some places are more easy to spot where a boss can spawn than other places. The minotaur boss has a chance to spawn here.

Level 999 door

AcidsOT has its own level 999 door.
If you find an interesting place you want to share you can upload your own photo to the image gallery under the community tab.

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