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24. Mar Added item lookup in Bestiary Compendium
18. Mar Added Broadcast and Guildcast rune to the game. These are special runes allowing you to broadcast server wide messages across to everybody, or those in your guild and party.
18. Mar Doppleganger now informs which DEF he has, and his atk, arm, def and dist calculations are now more accurately representing the player
18. Mar Special Paladin distance effects will no longer harm Doppleganger (Except burst arrows).
07 August 2021 (02:10) by GM Znote - Discord Community

This is the invite link to our Discord Community:

01 August 2021 (22:37) by GM Znote - Welcome to AcidsOT

Remember AcidsOT?
Its a really old server, popular a good 13-15 years ago. 

It has now been revived! Upgraded to the latest (hopefully stable) server software, protocol adjusted to client 8.60. But just as fun as before!

AcidsOT East Gate with Orcs

We hope to not only give you a nostalgia trip, but also a fun and enjoying experience reliving this crapTastic server! :D

We support the original 8.60 client, but also OTClient for those who prefers it. 

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